raw honey wildflower
Raw Honey - wild flower
beekeeper's daughter

Raw Honey - wild flower

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Not just being delicious, but pure honey contains variety of health benefits: vitamins, minerals, enzymes.  All of these support your immune function.  Honey by Beekeeper's Daughter is made of local wildflowers that can add your resistance against the allergies.  Add a spoonful of honey into your daily routine so it can make you smile and healthy! 

<excerpt from Beekeeper's Daughter>
All of our honey is raw & unfiltered so the honey stays just the way it was in the hive. It is full of pollen, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, flavor, aroma, and can contain bits of beeswax and propolis.  In time all raw honey will naturally crystalize.  To liquify, place the container into a pot of hot water. 

Net Weight: 1 LBS

Caution: Do Not Feed it to Infant under 1 year old 


Ingredients: Honey 

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