Creamed Honey

$12.99 USD

This smooth creamy honey spread is made of the wildflower raw honey.  Simply adding the apricot/blueberries, the honey was churned until it becomes nice and creamy.  It is best with a slice of toasted bread, or on top of yogurt.  It can melt into hot tea, too!   

<excerpt from Bee Keeper's Daughter site>  

All of our honey is raw & unfiltered so the honey stays just the way it was in the hive. It is full of pollen, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, flavor, aroma, and can contain bits of beeswax and propolis.  In time all raw honey will naturally crystalize.  To liquify, place the container into a pot of hot water.  

Net Weight: 1 LBS 


Ingredients: Honey, Apricot or Blueberry

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