Disinfectant Spray Set

$16.00 USD

Researches have proved the powerful the anti-microbial effects of essential oils and that different oils work different virus and at different stages of virus reproduction processes.   We have prepared two blends of disinfectant spray to purity the room and surroundings.

 Air Cleaner is tea tree oil based blend  and is most effective at the onset stage of the flu.   Diffusing tea tree oil for 30 min is said to kill most of type A flu virus in a closed space.   Other oils in this blend are also anti-microbial and safe to be used during pregnancy.  Spray in to the air or around your desk, computer, or furniture. 

Health Guard is a blend of powerful spice oils that can work more at a later stage of the flu.  This blend is very similar to the "Thief" blend.  In addition to the cleaning the air and space, you will enjoy the aroma from the combination of spice and fruit oils. 


These products are not for topical application to skin or hand sanitizer.   The disinfectant effect on corona virus (COVID-19) is NOT KNOWN.  

Health Gard:  Do NOT USE during Pregnancy  or around small children at any age


Air Cleaner: distilled water, alcohol, essential oil of tea tree, eucalyptus, bergamot.  Safe for Pregnant women. 

Health Guard:  distilled water, alcohol, essential oil of cassia, clove, sweet orange, eucalyptus, rosemary 


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