Aroma Diffuser Sky

Aroma Diffuser Sky

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We place a huge trust on the diffusers by ZAQ.  Their products are made of quality materials like BPA-free plastic.  They use the ceramic disc from Japan, the most essential part in the ultrasonic diffusers, which creates the mist at ultrasonic speeds.   Among many diffusers by the company,  Sky is made for kids.  In addition to diffusing essential oils, humidifying the air,  Sky projects gorgeous night with colorful sparkling stars on the ceiling.  Every kid will happily go to bed and fall asleep looking at the universe above them.  

Excerpt from ZAQ website: 
"The Sky aromatherapy diffuser combines modern science with the soul of Eastern and Western cultures. And your children will enjoy the relaxing, soothing effects of the essential oils they can choose themselves! The healing effects of their favorite essential oils are gently absorbed into the skin, while the calming scents lull them into deep, peaceful sleep "


  • ZAQ Sky is the All in One Mini-humidifier, Ionizer, Aroma Diffuser and Night Light to help rid of your child's air of any germs, dust and odors.
  • As a Mid-Sized Diffuser (6.88" x 4.65" x 3.35") - 120 ML, it’s large enough to moisturize your child's skin and assist in their breathing
  • 5 Different Light Mode (No Light Mode) - Warm Night Light - Upto 12 Hours Run Time - Intermittent and Continuous Mist Mode
  • ZAQ SKY is BPA Free and Made of Safe, Health Friendly Materials. No Heat So its perfect for Kids and the Whole Family
  • 1 Year ZAQ Manufacturer's Warranty - If any problems please contact us and we will get it taken care of as soon as possible. Perfect Gift for Babies, Baby Shower, Christmas, Birthday

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